Senior Lecturer in Data Science and AI at the University of Bristol. My research interests lie in machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence and their application to healthcare, media analysis, music information retrieval and more.

Short bio. After a year as a data scientist developing large-scale recommender systems for a content provider company, in 2014 I moved to IPL, Universitat de Valencia, where I was a Research Fellow working with Prof Gustau Camps-Valls. Before, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory, University of Bristol, working with Prof Tijl de Bie. I completed my PhD in Machine Learning in 2011, under the supervision of Prof Jesus Cid-Sueiro. I've spent research visits at University College London, University of Bristol, University of Tromsø and NICTA.


I am currently looking for outstanding PhD candidates / postdocs interested in working in Machine Learning. Contact me for further information. Current members:

  • Alex Hepburn (PhD student, co-supervised with Ryan McConville)
  • Michal Kozlowski (PhD student, co-supervised with Rob Piechocki)
  • Callum Mann (PhD student, co-supervised with Niall Twomey)
  • Ryan McConville (Postdoc)
  • Chris McWilliams (Postdoc)
  • Jonas Paulavicius (PhD student, co-supervised with Rob Piechocki)
  • Miquel Perello Nieto (PhD student, co-supervised with Peter Flach)
  • Rafael Poyiadzi (PhD student)
  • Jonathan Thomas (PhD student, co-supervised with Rob Piechocki)
  • Taku Yamagata (PhD student)


Please check my Google Scholar profile for an up-to-date list.

Research projects


Computational approaches to analyse behaviour and derive signatures relevant to dementia based on health-related behaviours at home. (MRC)


EurValve will implement, test and validate a modelling based decision support system (DSS) for aortic and mitral valve diseases that allows simulating, comparing and understanding the effects and risks of different treatment strategies. (H2020)


Developing sensors and data analytics for the home to diagnose and help manage health and wellbeing conditions. This technology will aid early diagnosis, lifestyle change and the ability of patients to live at home. (EPSRC)


Next Generation Converged Digital infrastructure : developing new data-driven methods and technologies for the resilient, autonomic digital infrastructure of the future. (EPSRC)


Department of Engineering Mathematics
University of Bristol
Woodland Road
Merchant Venturers Building
United Kingdom